I see plenty of unsettling things occurring on the planet right now. I believe this is just humanity growing. Often before I have changed and matured I had to see my old ways fail me which created very challenging and difficult experiences. During these times if I am able to surrender and open myself to new possibilities, it can allow me to experience incredible growth and success. I feel humanity as a group is going through the same thing on a collective scale.

As I witness the events around me I will do my best to let go of judgment of good or bad. Instead I will try to remember I assign the values of good or bad with choices on how to move forward with the events. I will remind myself I was never a victim, and never will be a victim. It was just a role I sometimes chose to portray to teach myself empathy and compassion for others.

I believe together we are all co-creating a new world and a new experience. As humanity continues to evolve there will be much more disruption and chaos in our external worlds. I will try to do my best to have compassion for those helping to be examples of how the old systems no longer serve us. I will do my best to stay focused on my inner world and continue to clean that up. I will continue to rid myself of victim thinking, continue forgiving myself and others, and continue to open myself to the infinite love and abundance that surrounds us all.

Cheers, Mark


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